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Interactive map

1st step : choose the bus stop

First choose the city you want to depart from.

2nd step. Check the departure times

You will see all the departure and arrival times at this station.

Navigate to the entry field to display the data you need.

The navigation button will start the route planner suggesting a route to another stop.

3rd step: choose your destination

Choose your destination desired from the possible bus stops

Those stops which are not called at will not be displayed.

4th step: display of possible routes

The nearest possible routes from your start to your destination will be displayed.

The entire route layout will be displayed if you click on “route ” next to the respective route.

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Next WLAN hotspot Covered Tactile paving strips for visually impaired persons Ist mit Rollstuhl zugänglich
Unfortunately there are no departures in the desired period of time.

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Unfortunately there is no direct connection for this route.