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Spirit of discovery

Discover Rottenburg and its surrounding region on bus line 18. From the moated castle at Poltringen passing the Wurmlingen chapel all the way to the historic town centre of Tübingen. Get on and awake the spirit of discovery in you.



Poltringen on the Ammer is not only the starting point or the final stop on line 18, but also the home of the so-called moated castle. It was created by Heinrich Schickhart in 1613. Today there are condominiums in the castle. Another highlight in Poltringen is its old mill. It can be rented for special occasions.


A splendid wooden altar dating from the 15th century is located in Oberndorf. It was relocated from a Cistercian monastery in Tübingen to Oberndorf to its Saint Ursula church and can be admired there.

Kapelle bei Rottenburg


The company headquarters of Omnibus Groß have been located in Rottenburg since 1950. The town of Rottenburg itself was already founded in 85 AD and has been a bishop's seat since. The age of our town can be mirrored in its numerous historical discoveries and sites. These include a Roman latrine discovered in 1986, the largest one found north of the Alps. From Rottenburg it is not far to the so-called Weggental. There is a pilgrimage of the Dolorous Mother God built in 1695. Or you go on a literary hike along the Sebsatian-Blau-trail connecting Rottenburg and Bad Niedernau. Rottenburg is as many-faceted as its history, something for everyone.

Weinberge um den Kapellenberg


To a certain extent Wurmlingen can be seen as the birthplace of Omnibus Groß. Here Paul Groß went on his first test drive with his first bus around the well-known Kapellenberg. On top of this hill the Wurmlingen chapel was built in 1050 which is the theme of a popular song written by Ludwig Uhland. The chapel is located on top of the vineyards of Wurmlingen, a great sight when climbing the hill to the chapel. After getting up to the chapel you can visit its crypt dating from the 12th century. Moreover there is a spectacular 360-degree panorama view. Our bus line 18 called „Kapellenberglinie“ owes its name to the Wurmlingen chapel.


Tübingen, with its picturesque historical centre, with the river Neckar flowing through the old city, a lot of bars and pubs is a town, almost predestined, for university students. But it is not only attractive for students. There is also plenty to offer for people interested in history. The Hölderlin Tower by the Neckar and the castle of Tübingen and its museums there are just two of the many attractions of this city. You not only have a great view from the Tübingen castle, but you can also hike there on the Uhland trail from the castle to the Wurmlingen chapel.